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Top 10 Men & Women Hairstyles for 2010

Hello friends! Welcome to my website!

My goal is to provide a place where you can be inspired by the art of Cosmetology. I hope to bring you along my journey of creating masterful pieces.

Under the Product tab I will post reviews for hair, skin, make-up and nails as well as nutritional information. The Gallery tab will hold photographs of Before & Afters and featured clients. 

Here are a few of my favorite cuts and colors for 2010. As you begin to think about what this year holds for your hair, consider some of the up and coming styles below.



Photos are compliments of Hair Machine

Women's Haircuts & Colors


Haircut-Textured Shag with an Angled Fringe  Color- Full-Head, Light Blonde & Medium Blonde, Gold/Copper Highlights, Light Brown Lowlights  Style- Products: StaightSexyHair Smooth & Seal, ShortSexyHair Play Dirty Spray Wax  Tools: Blow-Dryer & Flat Iron



Haircut- Transient Length with Angled Fringe  Color- All-Over Mocha Brown & Partial-Head, Cappuccino Highlights  Style- Products: BigSexyHair Blow-Dry Volumizing Gel, Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray  Tools: Blow-Dryer,  11/4" Round Brush or 11/4" Barrel Curling Iron 



Haircut- Natural Inversion with a Forward Graduation  Color- All-Over Warm, Dark Blonde with Sliced, Bright Blonde Highlights framing the face  Style- Products: BigSexyHair Blow-Dry Volumizing Gel, Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray  Tools: Blow-Dryer and 1" Barrel Curling Iron



Haircut- Reversed Inversion with Angled, Baby Fringe Color- Full-Head, Vibrant, Red Highlights with Medium, Brown Lowlights  Style- Products: Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide, BigSexyHair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray  Tools: Blow-Dryer, Flat Iron 



Haircut- Transient Length, Inversion with Angled Fringe & Forward Graduation Color- All-Over Hazelnut Medium Brown with T-Section, Light Blonde Highlights  Style- Products: StraightSexyHair Smooth & Seal, ShortSexyHair Play Dirty Spray Wax  Tools: Blow-Dryer, Flat Iron


Men's Haircuts & Colors


Haircut- Reversed Inversion Fohawk  Color- All-Over Dark Brown with Light Brown Highlights  Style- Product: AmericanCrew Fiber (High Hold with Low Shine)  Tool: Blow-Dryer 


Haircut- Medium Length, Textured Crop  Color- Medium Brown  Style- Product: AmericanCrew Molding Creme (Medium Hold, Medium Shine)  Tools: Blow-Dryer, Comb


Haircut- Round Layers, Reversed Inversion with Angled, Baby Fringe  Color- Full-Head, Lightest Blonde Highlights  Style- Product: AmericanCrew Wax   Tool: Blow-Dryer 


Haircut- Reversed Inversion with an Angled Fringe  Color- All-Over, Light Brown with Full-Head, Blonde Highlights  Style- Product: AmericanCrew Firm Hold Styling Creme (Flexible Definition with Low Shine)  Tool: Blow-Dryer  


Haircut- Short Textured Fohawk  Color- Dark Blonde  Style- Product: AmericanCrew Fiber (High Hold with Low Shine)  Tool: Blow-Dryer  


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